Intro Blog: What’s up with that Shelby chick?

Okay, so here I am! First blog post ever, so please be kind to me. I will learn how to blog like a normal person, surely, at some point. Haha! So where to begin? I told everyone I would do an intro to start off with.

Heya, I’m Shelby. I’m a wedding photographer based in Central Kentucky, but I LOVE to travel. Seriously. I don’t get to do it enough. So if you have a beach wedding coming up, a wedding in the mountains, any kind of cool venue that is NOT in Kentucky, you should email me. In most cases, I AM WILLING TO WAIVE THE TRAVEL FEE. Yes, SERIOUSLY 😉

Okay, cheesy lines out of the way. I’ve been thinking all day about what to say for my first post. I know it’s not a big deal to anyone, really. No one is going to share this one a million times, no one will sing its praises. But I really wanted to share with you what’s been going on in my crazy mind lately. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. Cliche thing to say, I totally get that. But it’s very true! I started a conversation in a local photographer’s group on Facebook the other day. I asked them how many images they gave their clients after an average session. I was pretty dang surprised at the variety of answers. Some said 20, some said 50, one person even said 150. I was floored. It left me wondering about how unique each photo could possibly be, if they’re pretty much editing every somewhat-decent photo from the session. Where’s the magic in that? Where’s the magic in getting 50 photos that look a lot alike? Compared to everyone that answered, my approach seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. How many images do I give my portrait session clients? 10. 15 at the very most. Why do I do it that way? When I’m going through a session, I do so with such a critical eye. I may take 400-800 photos, and around 50 will make my “best potential” pile. I am insanely picky. I’m the kind of person that will zoom in at about 200% and take care of that ONE eyelash that is sticking out too much and making the subject’s eye look goofy. Would anyone else notice that eyelash that’s driving my OCD brain crazy? Highly unlikely. But if I KNOW it’s there, and it can be fixed, I’m not going to rest until every detail is ironed out. I think I got side-tracked! Haha. I have ADHD, so apologies! Anyway. I give my clients 10 photos on average. I pick photos that are all different poses, different “looks”, etc. My goal is to make each one a fine-tuned, gorgeous photo. Not having the photos rely on each other to tell a story, but to have each photo be a stand-alone piece of art. That’s how I run my show. It may be vastly different from the norm, but I think some clients may really appreciate the time I put into my work. When editing, I take about an hour PER photo. Most photographers answered that they can edit the entire session in about 2 hours. Again, I was left wondering why I was the crazy one. The weird one. But in this case, I will gladly be the weirdo. Me putting that time into each one….it helps ensure that I’m not slopping through your session and treating it like another one on my to-do list. I treat each one as a new opportunity to make something beautiful, full of color, and about the beauty I see in you. In your loved ones. In the way you look at each other, in the way the light hits your hair and looks like a gorgeous halo. Okay, I just hit stalker photog mode. Ha! It’s getting late, it IS 1:18AM. Well.

I am Shelby. I am quirky, I am random. I am a lover of all unique things. I love to travel, I love to show you the gorgeous colors that I see. The gorgeous light I see. And I’m going to write more blogs, because really, I do love to write. I hope to make the next one about a client session. And THEN, the photographer blogs begin! I still need to name that. Any ideas? 🙂



  • Billy Brittany Moore

    I love this it’s all about the quality not the quantity. I really agree with you making sure each image has the proper amount of love and care is very important.

  • M Patrick Holland

    How about Shelby on the Road

  • Ashley Brazell

    I’m a photographer just starting out in the business and this first blog post has actually helped me a lot because that’s exactly what I do with my images. I probably take around 200 pictures with each session but the model might get only 10 of them. It depends if it’s a highly concept shoot or if it’s just a fashion shoot downtown, But my view is quite similar to yours which means I must be doing something right! Lol (Hopefully anyway)