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How many times have you had your photo professionally taken within the course of your life? Maybe twice? Only once? 5-8 times?

I know not everyone will be able to relate to this next part, but hear me out. I’m a tattooed mom of two, and something I’ve noticed with most tattooed women (and men), is that they take pride in the works of art on their bodies. If you ask someone where they got their tattoo, for the most part, they’ll smile and tell you exactly which tattoo artist did it. And then they’ll go on to tell you about all the different art pieces on their bodies, and some even call themselves art collectors. And I think that is the neatest way to look at tattoos.

So where am I going with this?

There’s a rising trend in the photography world, and that happens to be art collecting as well. There are moms and families that are booking all kinds of sessions more frequently than ever before. And they’re not showing loyalty to just one photographer, they’re booking different photographers quite often. And you know, this can go one of two ways, from the photographer’s perspective. If you’re a photographer, either you get jealous and think that your client betrayed you by not coming back to you again and again, OR, you can take pride in the fact that they wanted to have YOUR art with them forever. I’ll be honest. I used to be of the first opinion. I used to beat myself up for hours, trying to figure out why they chose not to hire me this time around. And it was NOT a healthy way to think. But it didn’t take long for me to look around and see what an AMAZING photography community I have in my area, and to see that all of us bring something special to the table. ALL of us! Each photographer, no matter how experienced, can bring special art to any family’s collection. Any bride’s collection. Any momma looking for sexy boudoir. The more you see it as collecting art, the more harmless your “competition” seems. If you are more like the jealous photographer, try to take a step back and appreciate art. Art is all around you, and it would be selfish to think that art can ONLY come from you! Look within yourself, and decide to appreciate every form of art around you. Uplifting others and collecting their art is such a special thing!

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